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August 2008
A new species of butterfly discovered, named carterocephalus eakinsatus.

January 2008
Rock band Dolman Hardy releases debut album, The Hardy Boys, on Spinal Fist Records.
September 2007 Whoever Tells Me He's Dead Will Die, Lars von Riij's documentary about Eakins' mysterious disappearance, premieres at the Hudson Film Festival.
April 2007 An Iranian made-for-television movie of Tobin the Lesser is aired on a European cable station. It is banned in Iran.
January 2007 “What is Sacrament?” is a question on Jeopardy. “Great book,” remarks host Alex Trebek.
October 2006 “Hypogeum,” republished in the Southwestern Quarterly’s fall issue, with personal responses to the story by seven writers.
May 2006 At the Castro Theater, The Eakins Society of San Francisco hosts a festival of twenty-four films believed to have been written by the author.
March 2006 In Search of Eakins: A Painful Journey, by D.W. Cobblewaithe, published.
February 2006 The Eakinsistas Revolutionary Party of Ecuador is disbanded after failed coup-d'etat. Flags with Eakins's face are burned in the Plaza de la Independencia in Quito.
December 2005 Publication of William Gainey's novel, The Slugger From Pendleton, in which the character of the reclusive author Kent Jenkins is based on Eakins. Optioned for film in 2007.
May 2005 Eakins appears in a brief cameo on the situational comedy, The Simpsons (voiced by actor Bill Janeway). Eakins is seen on safari in Africa, hunting lions with a spear and eating a hot dog.
March 2005 Eakins Society of St. Rose, Louisiana, celebrates its fiftieth anniversary with gala celebration and Mississippi River boat tour of sites from Eakins's early Louisiana stories.


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