List of reported sightings of Constance Eakins since his disappearance in 1971.

—March 28, 1974. While hiking in the Grotto Gigante, a young laborer named Giancarlo Furlan saw a giant boulder several hundred feet in front of him shift in the darkness. A moment later, the boulder turned toward him, turned back, and then started moving, with a herky-jerky motion, deeper into the cave. Furlan later swore that it was a giant mountain-demon that he had seen but there was much speculation among Eakins fans that the demon was in fact the missing author, traveling through the grottoes of the Carso. Furlan, it should be added, never left the city limits of Trieste again.

—August 31, 1977. A Slovenian photographer and member of the Royal Geographical Society named U.I. Premri glimpsed a creature he later described as “exactly like a human being, walking upright and stopping occasionally to uproot some dwarf rhododendron bushes and from them gain sustenance.” Premri, who at the time was near the top of the Carso, roughly ten miles from Medeazza, later reached the spot where he sighted the creature. Lying there on the ground was a page torn from Eakins’ second memoir, Gashes.

—March 5, 1983. Ms. Gettes in St. Rose, Louisiana, was out walking her dog at three in the morning. When she reached The Constance Eakins Museum on Vine Street, she saw that a light is on in the upstairs window, the room where his childhood desk was displayed. Ms. Gettes noticed that a large, looming silhouette was visible behind the drawn curtains, heaving silently. She stopped in her tracks; her dog barked; and the light went out. She ran away and never turned back. The night in question would have been Eakins’ 65th birthday.

—April 2, 1989. Following rumors that the Swedish Academy would award Eakins the Nobel Prize, Anders Liljeroth, a Stockholm-based columnist for Dagens Nyheter, wrote a controversial editorial in which he demanded that if Eakins did not formally accept the prize, then he ought to be declared dead. And if he were declared dead, then he would have to forfeit the award. In his next column, Liljeroth categorically withdrew his statement. A colleague at the newspaper claimed that Liljeroth had received a menacing phone call from a man with “heavy mouth breaths” who identified himself as the writer Eakins. Liljeroth neither confirmed this statement, nor gave any other explanation. Shortly after the incident, he died.

—October 11, 1993. A food critic named Rutherford was on a dining trip through Italy when he stopped for a meal at Café Mezzanotte in Trieste. He heard excited conversation coming from the kitchen concerning a famous guest who had eaten a meal there several hours earlier. When the critic asked for the identity of the previous diner, a waiter shrugged and said something about a “large” writer. Several minutes later the chef, visibly shaken, came over to explain that there was no more food left in the kitchen and that the restaurant had to close.

—January 22, 1998. A six-year-old boy named Tivio Lonzano disappeared during a camping trip in the Dolomites, near the Slovenian border. A search team could not find him and after two weeks, the boy was declared dead. Yet three months later the boy appeared, naked, standing in the middle of the Piazza Unita. No one saw how he had gotten there. He was perfectly healthy—and even seemed to have gained weight—but he could not understand his parents when they spoke to him, or anyone else for that matter. After several rounds of psychological examination, doctors discovered that the only language he understood was Esperanto, and in this strange tongue he repeated a single sentence, over and over. An Esperanto expert was summoned to translate the boy’s utterance: “There was a man up there, up there a dark man was staring at me.” Fans will recognize this, of course, as the opening line of Eakins’ novel, Better Days Will Haunt You.

—June 19, 2010. An Auckland Eakinsian scholar spots on television an "agued and weeping" Constance Eakins in the West Stand of Mbombela Stadium during New Zealand's draw against Italy in the World Cup.