I include here a special section of Eakins' book covers, and I ask you, Internet readers, to help me continue to build this archive. Eakins never had anything but the greatest contempt for his jacket covers. The highest praise he ever gave a book cover was an expression of casual disdain, even though only the finest design artists the world had to offer were employed by his publishers. One understands his sentiment, however. As soon as one opens to the first page of any of his books, one realizes how pathetically the cover's image—no matter how attractive or evocative it once seemed—pales in comparison to the richness of his prose.

Yet I will not be daunted, and hope to assemble an exhaustive collection of Eakins book covers, and create a forum for a highly considered discussion of their aesthetic, commercial, and entertainment values. So I urge you to send in any cover images you might have in your possession, and comment on any cover that you see here.

NOTE FROM WEBMASTER: Please be patient while the covers load. It will be worth it. You can send covers via email or you can upload them to Flickr and add them to the Eakins Covers Group Pool. Please include relevant information in the Title of the image and include whatever information is available about the design in the Notes. A complete list of Eakins titles can be found here. Please note that Eakins' books have been published in a variety of editions in every language all over the world. Submissions from whenever, wherever are welcome. Flickr will host the above-referenced high-minded discussion here.