From the notebooks of Constance Eakins, a selected Triestine glossary:

ąpis pencil
bacolo cockroach
bacuco an old and scatterbrained person
bazilar to worry
braghe trousers
bubez apprentice, attendant, boy
cagarabia said of someone who is easily roused to anger
capuzo cabbage (a variety of)
ciapin clothes-peg
ciau hello, goodbye
cinciut a malign spirit that haunts sleeping children in the night.
cluca door handle
cogoma coffee pot or teapot with a handle and a small beak
conzapignate tin man
conzar to get dolled up
cucer coachman
fapunte pencil sharpener
garbo sour, unripe, sharp
Juzza a countryman from the Carso who comes to Trieste to sell the produce of his farm
luganiga sausage
mela a cigarette that is lit and then extinguished, but before it's fully consumed
mussati mosquitoes
paiola dandruff
patoc torrent, brook, stream
petes booze
pizigamorti undertaker
pomigar to waste time while appearing busy
russak backpack
saldini hair-grip
sbafada stuffed, with food
sbrodigar to make a mess
scovaze trash
scovazon dustbin
sine tracks
slonz a great amount of consumable liquid
spiza twig, shoot, branch, stick
spizar itch
stagnaco bucket, pail
strafanic scruffy person, a loser, a ne'er-do-well
straza rag
tacomaco band-aid
traiber muddler
trombini rubber boots, like those used to hike up the Carso
tubili a guy who's stupid and not a little vain
vapor steam
venderigola a female vendor, particularly one who works in the Piazza Ponterosso
zigar to yell
zima the end